The motionless expanse of glassy lake. Tasty, fresh, cold water flows from natural springs.

This is Burabay – the region keeping reserved purity of real, living water.

There are legends about Burabay purity. The reserved region preserves natural cleanness and ecological compatibility so far.

In the Earth’s interior, the living water gets over hundreds of kilometers of natural purification absorbing minerals.
Water is the basic component of life on the Earth. The man consists of 70% of water. Therefore, the water balance is the most important aspect of health.


Body water is necessary for solution and permeating of nutrients, thermoregulation, provision of all its biochemical processes. Taking care of water quality is important because it supports our life force.

WHO recommends everybody to drink 450-750 ml of natural water per day. Only this "living" water protects and rehabilitate.

It is important that technology of purifying of water save its original natural characters, structure and natural composition. Natural water – is Nature’s priceless gift for people.


Water Lightness

It is a natural tranquilizer and anti-stress mineral. It is the most important mineral for vitality. It engaged in power generation and neurotransmission. It activates more than 300 body enzymes. The natural water TURAN contains ideal amount of magnesium required to man.

Is a mineral of “beauty”, responsible for the health of teeth, nails, hair and skin color. It removes radicals and heavy metals, restores the immune system. In wildlife, fluorine is almost exclusively situated in water. The living water TURAN is a unique carrier of natural fluorine.

Is the main constructor in our body. It is responsible for the formation and growth of bone tissue. It puts a protective barrier for allergens and viruses. It is digested in a certain combination of substances and minerals as in the natural water TURAN.

Is the "Manager" of heart and keeper of its perfect rhythm. It maintains a liquid balance in the body for comfortable work of the heart system. The body needs its daily completion. A liter of the natural water TURAN contains daily dose of sodium.

Iodine adjusts a speed of the body's metabolism and hormonal balance through the thyroid, it is responsible for the mental and physical development of children. The mountainous regions of the planet do not have iodine, in natural form Iodine is mostly found in the underground waters. Crystals of iodine are dissolved in the Earth’s interior and dress water of rivers, seas and oceans. Iodine is contained in the natural water TURAN in its best natural form.

Water can be light and heavy. The water will be lighter if the quantity of deuterium (heavy hydrogen atom) is smaller. Historically, in the cool northern regions water is lighter. The lightest water on the planet is in Antarctica. Light water has a unique ability to make slow metastasis and restore the protective functions of the body. The lowest amount of deuterium among of all bottled water in Kazakhstan is contained in the natural mineral water TURAN.


Turan is a real natural water of the Burabay reserved region. It is produced from ecologically clean deposits located on the territory of the State Forest Fund "Bukpa" and the State National natural Park "Kokshetau".

Deposits present the purest natural water, perfectly balanced in composition by nature itself. Turan water is natural and perfect in fully retaining of its natural value.