Smart Water for Smart Generation

Smart Water for Smart Generation

Since 2016, TURAN natural water has been a devoted partner of the global non-profit organization Enactus in Kazakhstan that brings young leaders together and encourages them to take entrepreneurial action.

Enactus is the largest experiential learning platform developing NextGen Leaders with a head for business and a heart for the world in 37 countries of the world.

At the annual National Cup competition, school and university teams present more than 100 projects in social, environmental, innovative and business dimensions.

Enactus’ mission is to develop and engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to create innovations, find new opportunities in difficult situations and use business principles to improve the world.

Since next generation development is also one of the priorities of TURAN natural water brand, it annually supports the student projects aimed at solving social, ecological and economic problems of the country.

According to the participants of Enacturs, thanks to its unique natural properties, TURAN water is an excellent source of hydration during heated debates and intense competitions. Besides, it helps them concentrate while developing business projects and improves memory.

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