TURAN in Support of Healthy Lifestyle

TURAN in Support of Healthy Lifestyle

Many professional athletes choose to drink TURAN natural water. Thanks to its excellent pH of 7.5 and a complex of natural minerals, it is perfect for hydration and fast recovery during and after intense physical activity.

During physical strain, muscles produce a lot of lactic acid, i.e. the acidity of the muscle cells increases, and this may lead to muscle soreness. A couple of decades ago athletes had to resort to special medications to recover, but now it is sufficient to drink TURAN water because nature has given it the perfect pH of 7.5 that is exactly what they need for deacidification.

TURAN is excellent for staying hydrated and replenishing electrolytes. Its physiological wholesomeness is acknowledged by experts. And its mineral content helps meet the daily need of the human body for micro and macro elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, fluorine and others.

The unique secret of TURAN water is in its origin. The living water is obtained from an underground source in Northern Kazakhstan. The underground water deposit was formed from an ancient glacier during the Valdai Glaciation more than 15 thousand years ago. For thousands of years after that, the water hidden in the depth of the Kokshetau Upland was absorbing useful minerals from the rocks of the ecologically pristine area. All these things so generously bestowed by nature are carefully preserved during TURAN drinking water production. The only processing that this unique Kazakhstani water undergoes is to remove fragments of sand. Then, it is ozonized – the best modern disinfection technology – to destroy harmful elements. In the meantime, all the healthy minerals and desirable living microflora are preserved. It is a scientifically proven fact that TURAN water is not only good for quenching the thirst but also helps people maintain youthful vigor and good health for many years.

That is why this brand of Kazakhsatni natural water actively supports events promoting healthy lifestyle.

Since 2018, TURAN water has been sponsoring Ushkyn-Kokshetau, the first professional men’s volleyball team of Akmola Oblast, and has accompanied the team on its path towards Kazakhstan championship. Over the past 5 years, TURAN has supported many sports events and Kazakhstani athletes including Tengri Ultra ultramarathon, 760greenkm eco-race in 18 cities of Kazakhstan, Sberbank’s green marathon, national triathlon championships, The Volleyball Championship of Kazakhstan, national streetball competitions, a variety of sports events organized by Esentai Fit&Spa, World Class and Gorky Tennis Park fitness clubs, the daring sport projects of the cycling enthusiast Aleksandr Gabchenko, and triathletes Dmitriy Kim, Galym Chuashev and Aidyn Sadibekov.

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