Origin of water

TURAN water comes from ancient glaciers that are more than

15,000 years old

TURAN’s water deposit is one of the world’s five rare natural sources of deuterium-depleted water

TURAN water is produced from Kuskol water deposit located in an ecologically pristine area. The deposit is subject to constant government control, and the water well is guarded 24/7.

Water well depth 100 m

Water temperature +6 °С

Before bottling

Sand fragments are removed from TURAN water using innovative membrane filters produced by AZUD, ensuring that all the natural properties and composition of the water remain unchanged.

Before bottling


Water is disinfected using modern ozonation technology. Ozone is produced in the water by an electrical discharge. And in 12 minutes, after it has had its sanitizing effect, the ozone turns back into regular oxygen.

Ozonation Ozonation


TURAN water is bottled at Kokshetau Mineral Waters plant using KHS equipment, an automated German bottling line capable of filling

27 000 bottles per hour

Kazakh content

The company produces its own PET bottle preforms using HUSKY equipment. This ensures that TURAN is a 100% local product of Kazakhstan.



    Our water is tested at the KMW laboratory


    Our water deposit is inspected for chemical composition and safety by the Quality Control Committee of Kazakhstan’s Healthcare Ministry

  • 365 EVERY YEAR

    Our water undergoes full chemical analysis at international and local research institutes

Good for your health

TURAN water is delivered to you in an unaltered state with its natural balance of micro and macro elements ready to be fully absorbed by your body.

Besides, TURAN water is physiologically wholesome, which means that it normalizes the functioning of the human body systems and internal environment (blood, lymph and tissue fluid).

Ca calcium
Natural “builder” that strengthens bones
Mg magnesium
Natural “antistressor” that increases stress-resistance
HCO3 hydrocarbonates
Natural “regulators” that maintain electrolyte balance
Na+K sodium + potassium
Natural “cardiologists” that regulate heart performance
F fluorine
Natural “dentist” that makes your smile beautiful