What Is Water pH Level and Why Is It So Important?

What Is Water pH Level and Why Is It So Important?

Water pH level, denoting the concentration of hydrogen ions in water, indicates certain properties and qualities of water and, to some extent, determines the effect it has on human health.

Human body maintains fluid-and-electrolyte balance and acid-alkaline balance. And it is natural for human blood, lymph, intercellular and other vital fluids to be slightly alkaline. If the body becomes too acidic, the status known as body acidification, the growth of pathogenic flora intensifies which can lead to a deterioration of general health.

Each type of fluids has its own pH level:

strongly acidic

< 3

(lemon juice)


3 - 5

(пиво, вино, апельсиновый сок)

slightly acidic

5 - 6.5

(black coffee, milk)


6.5 - 7.5

(pure water at 22-100 °C)

slightly alkaline

7.5 - 8.5

(pure water at 0 °C)


8.5 - 9.5

(baking soda solution)

strongly alkaline

> 9.5-11

(bleaching powder solution, household ammonia solution)


pH 0 fluids are ultra-acidic and pH 14 are very strongly alkaline.

We cannot survive without water. But in order that we don’t merely drink water to quench the thirst but our bodies actually effectively and easily absorb it, the water has to be either neutral or slightly alkaline. Acceptable pH levels for drinking water are determined by national standards and usually lie within the range of 6 - 9. However, most scientist maintain that the best pH range is within the stricter borders of 6.5 - 8.5. This has to do with the neutrality of human blood – it is considered that water with similarly neutral pH is the most beneficial.

! To find out the pH of bottled water, read the label.

The pH level of TURAN deuterium-depleted water is 7.5 which makes is perfect for absorption by the body. It is balanced by the nature itself.

Such water has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, chemical reactions and other biological activities in the cells. To maintain optimal acid-alkaline balance in the body, a healthy person should eat healthy food and drink pure high-quality water with an optimal pH level. Choose the right water and stay healthy!